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Niley / Maim Engagement

I gotta stop watching videos of Niley on youtube and listen to songs that makes me think of them. But i just cant help it. Being a Niley shipper since forever it makes me sad that they are not together anymore. Not that i dont like Miley with Liam cuz i do like them together as well. I just been a Niley shipper/fan longer. And the little fangirl Inside me still had hope the two would find each other and get back together again.

But even though she not with Nick, i want her to be happy. And Liam just happens to do that. And Liam’s a nice guy. So with their engagement, i wish the best for the two. And i’m happy for the two.

And i guess the little Nick Jonas fangirl inside of me is also jumping for joy since now i can try to be with him. But i know that is like a VERY VERY small chance that will ever happen.

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